A simple idea could mean:


  • Essential changes in our daily life
  • Improvement of life quality
  • An easier life for many
  • Grow the gross national product (why only for one nation?)
  • Grow the effectiveness of work (let us have more with less effort)
  • Make people happy
  • Many other advantages


Certainly, from having the idea to reaching the above mentioned results, mostly a lot of work from many people is necessary. The concrete technical realizations (and I refer mostly to technical ideas, technique the essential factor improving our lives in the present) possible to result could be many and just those are protectable through a patent or similar. Certainly from the patent to the product many people need to give a lot of effort which usually is paid, the money for it thus needed. But needed for getting an advantage for many.


Still the idea itself, a simple solution, is necessary for starting all that. All the money and effort would be useless without the idea behind. It is technically not easy to protect the idea it self, generally. Still the idea it self does alone represent a great value. Behind a simple but useful idea stands often much more than just "a smart guy had some luck": 

  • Many years of hard effort for getting the preparing knowledge and improving through training intellectual abilities
  • Continuous interest and curiosity for the new (which needs time from unique life)
  • A lot of thinking about things nobody told anybody to think about (nothing with indications and leading people)
  • Own initiative and courage
  • Trying, trying and trying again. Those who succeed without failures or trying, possibly believe that I am worthless. But I do not know such guys and it is not about what I worth, anyway.
  • All that from somebody who is lucky enough to be able for intellectual challenging activities.


The great values possible to result from some ideas, still today nobody plans to use in that way to respect a nobody to have had it and to pay something for it. Therefore nobody is really officially interested in the ideas published  on www.innohum.com / www.innohum.de. But very many people are very interested in the facts and ideas themselves: All internet pages from Innohum were searched in officially not allowed way multiple, every little change is noticed and somebody even reacts to it (therefore I know it). Many people attract me in discussions about these ideas and try to get out more and more about them. Even some contacts to enterprises I tried to sell some of the ideas. We do live in criminal times, not at all just therefore. Because, referring to my own ideas, *person control does really exist, you just have to be an extreme criminal to use it and those controlled and observed against their will but aware about it are extremely tortured to reach the wanted result. I experienced very severe physical torture for political reasons in the eastern Europe in my life and can state clearly that the torture done invisible through *person control I can not stop is an "infinity" worse than any visible torture is possible to be. Only advantage, the body is not damaged definitely, but also severely damaged for some periods (also few proofs). Also severe psychical damages, which are serious damages, may be thus produced (nobody knows where it comes from). This control system, I was defenseless exposed to, almost whole life through, does not reach in my case any political scopes and has no excuse to influence me, considering any official responsible or issues, but is used today to steal the results of my own intellectual effort and to humiliate me additionally with the knowledge taken from me (they "need" to show me their crime). I did try a lot to escape from this torture and asked many for help, but there is no hope on this planet. The values they have stolen from me already, they can never pay back, but the extreme torture they created to me alone gives me the right to ask for serious compensation. Still the whole world seems to be completely deaf! Or might they be all criminals? Some will certainly hit me for this question (to prove ??), but I have no hope that anybody ever will understand that I could have rights, or that severe hurting of human rights would be a reason to punish the responsible and compensate the victim, if there is no proof to fear and the victim is not able to force the criminals to pay. Because alone, I can not prove anything and nobody has an understanding of justice if I bear the losses and aches alone. Nobody I addressed to and these were several of the most important countries in the world. This is done for a good guy, who was tortured for being against fascism, was tortured for not agreeing to communism and socialism: was tortured even worse, when stepping in the so called "free world" which compensated those who tortured me. Astonishing this "free" side! Not even one doctor who is not a criminal and frees me from in the socialist eastern Europe willingly created illnesses (which can be taken, I can estimate that) this world can not bring to me. My aches are infinite and the losses even more.


Those trying to steal my knowledge and all my ideas / thinking are rather able (even when it means big torture and general destroying of intellectual abilities), but they can't know everything. Still some people come to ask me in personal discussions about the rest. I can not always be carefully enough, especially living this life of hopeless torture and being manipulated severely, being always alone (More than all I am damaged and tortured and all those are damaged who trust me and who I represent also. I do not imagine that the community would depend on those stolen values, but they are values and for the thieves it seems to be worthy).


Because I do not have any hope to ever get any trace of advantage from my intellectual effort and my personal  technical ideas (neither success in selling those of some others), I publish here an idea which does worth a lot, if used in the right way. But certainly, this is also not easy to do:


The principle used in most refrigerators and in heat pumps is that of adiabatic expansion of a gas. I consider it very useful in refrigerators, but the heat pumps realized until today I consider rather big effort with few result. This principle could be used in many different ways. During my studies at the University in Karlsruhe, I made an inquest about gases suited for useful applications of adiabatic expansion. This was not part of my studies in electronics, automation, control and IT and took me about 8 working days (while my life was already daily torture then, especially for some willingly created illnesses). I found out, that adequate gases exist, suitable for reaching with adiabatic expansion several results, like:  

·         To transform not needed heat (losses otherwise) from car engines or power houses in electrical energy or mechanical work: even when efficiency is not very high, losses are used and thus substantially reduced (at least about 50%).

·         Building power houses using instead of water other substances for transforming the heat in mechanical work and thus in electrical energy, with higher efficiency and / or needing lower temperatures and thus able to use other combustibles

·         Many other applications, like using surplus of heat from car engines for active cooling these engines without consumption of electrical power from the battery, using adiabatic expansion of a gas, to build coolers for climate controls in cars using heat from car engine instead of electrical energy to cool, etc.

·         I have several additional applications in my mind.


Some research would be necessary but I am convinced that all that will work and would be useful and refrigerators and heat pumps using the same principle do exist. I was talking to some experts of related branches about some ideas and their answer was something like: "Don't you believe that we did consider and estimate everything already? We did and we found your ideas useless!" (Josef Sabo, director of Sykora GmbH in Bühl; he pointed that he would have best relations to the USA which would give me in fact that answer -> do you understand this? I did not!) My only thought answer, regarding the visible aggressiveness of my partner, was: "If one considers the technical development in the last 50 years and generally, one can see, it was never this way and this is human. But it may be that one estimates a method 10 times as useless, because one did not consider a certain way to apply it, which would work or worth." Anyway, I am the enemy when I try to improve. All did behave this way and it was hurting to me. If you are one of those considering, that I wouldn't be reliable when talking about being controlled and damaged, then rather think about that if you could help me with these ideas (or just if you are not controlled and observed) you do have the right to live on this earth, then help me in the matter that I did never have it yet for the advantage of many and don't project please a problem done to me to one I would do!


I was heaving all these ideas for applications 1985, when learning at high school about adiabatic expansion. Nobody around was talking in such directions and those important and leading around were my enemies, trying to take my intellectual abilities and to "make a looser in life" out of me in any matter (eastern European socialist power), knowing me as notorious protester. Additionally, I was brought to these ideas, because being a child we had at home an old refrigerator, not having any electrical pump but using a heating resistor and adiabatic expansion of a gas to cool. The installation was little, so could be placed direct on a car engine with thermal contact to the hot parts and would cool (the car inside or the engine it self: possible). Already in 1991/92 I was talking to students from Karlsruhe about these possibilities. But there was no way to do something out of that for me. Still I am convinced that a favorable ratio effort / result could be achieved. To some guys commenting: certainly this is not to be taken verbal, to cool the engine other design and an other gas (which I was searching for) would be necessary and adecvate channels through the metal mass of the engine. I know about the problem that heat produced in the cylinders has to be eliminated from the interior of the engine block without to produce mechanical stress in the metal due to bad temperature distribution. I am convinced that it is possible with very good results and additional advantages. Certainly, while I do not work in this area and never tried it out, one can never be sure how quick can be found a good result. Anyway, it was really naive to comment the way, that a fridge would not do in direct way and additionally, I have written also to be a victim and if somebody addresses to me but does not dare to go the direct way in an open discussion, he is a criminal if he refers to anything else than how to compensate me for the sufferance which unfortunately is still done and was much more done to me. Also I state clear for my right not to be oblidged to try to behave in any way, while I have no rights and have to suffer for others crimes, but these others have to pay and never me!


The positions published on www.innohum.com / www.innohum.de are not such general descriptions of usage possibilities of a principle from physics in technical applications. There are presented concrete realizations which still are not always possible to protect or not yet protected or already protected by a patent. 


Please don't come with the idea that control, sufferance and damage all done to me would be a lie or foolish to believe or I would be crazy, unable to estimate the truth. You make it too easy to the criminals and I need help against them. I can help many when getting a right to live!